Do I need the vaccine to study abroad in 2022?
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(VIDEO) Do I Need The Covid Vaccine to Study Abroad?

Semi-Editorial: Vaccines & Study Abroad 2022

Disclaimer: YES. Covid is real. YES I have been vaccinated. YES. I think it’s un-American and otherwise vile to force it onto other people. No. I will not apologize for feeling that way. 


Since the beginning of the pandemic, it seems the goalposts have continued to move on all measurements, the world over. 


Generally, It all started with two weeks of “quarantining” (granted, historically, we in the west have only quarantined sick people – These are just facts!) to stop the spread. 


We were told not to wear a mask, then we were told to wear a mask. Then it was “Wear two masks…and maybe face shield”, all while standing six…no wait, three…no wait, who cares, how many feet apart


Then came the vaccine


Get the vaccine and you can get your life back, they said. It’s just a vaccine after all they said. But also put your mask back on. This laughable circus never ends. YES at this point it is laughable because it all seems to be created out of thin air and actually NOT based on science at this point. 


Add-on the ongoing bullying of people who have made a choice not to get it and a lying rabid media industrial complex who has created an invisible “boogie man profile” of who does not want to take it, it’s enough to rack your brain by the hour. 


Miraculously as well y’all, the “science” only applies to non-celebrities. I had no idea COVID could detect your class or profession before making its move……RIVETING. 


I thought we were in the eight part of the 95th wave of the deadliest pandemic EVER? Do we really need Hollywood Awards Shows…..or Celebrity Birthday Parties…..or Twerk-a-thons at Exclusive Parties in Italy….I mean if it’s still just sooooo dangerous and all.  #BoogieManCOVID


But I digress……


While every country has handled its pandemic restrictions differently, we now meet at a pivotal crossroads that may impact millions of people worldwide. With the emerging discussions of requirements by airlines to require proof of vaccination on the horizon, study abroad students will have to consider how this impacts their plans, especially in 2022 (and possibly 2023). 


As with all things COVID, these conversations are ongoing and can change quickly, but without a doubt, if you are unvaccinated at this time, for any reason, please keep this top of mind when considering where you plan to study abroad and how any potential mandates on air travel might impact how you get to where you’d like to go. 


Before you complete your application, be sure to do further research on the stance of vaccination requirements (including for air travel or other transportation modes) for your dream host country. This will help you make an informed decision and determine your path forward for a great semester away. 


Until next time,




Are you planning to study abroad in 2022 or 2023? Leave a comment below! (No need to share your “vax status” with us though. Authoritarianism in a free society is pathetic. 

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