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What is AnchorMeAbroad.com?

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A comprehensive study abroad advice and tips blog, created for any international student exploring, planning, or embarking on their journey overseas. Weekly posts will focus on a variety of topics including exploring What is Study Abroad? How to select the perfect semester program for your goals, immigration & visas, financial aid options, and much more study abroad information you’ll need to begin making your plans. 


About Me

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My name is Kimber and I am a study abroad advisor and expert, with 10 years of study abroad experience at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels. In addition to serving as the Managing Editor of this blog, I am also the Founder of The LiveStudyLearn Abroad Association, the world’s premier and ONLY online members’ club for study abroad students worldwide. I’m so excited you’ve found me and I look forward to helping build the semester away of your dreams. 

See you on the next post! – K.


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