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    3 Reasons Culture Immersion Will Enhance Your Study Abroad Experience

    Follow me on Pinterest During your semester abroad, you’ll be faced with many important decisions like choosing between writing that term paper and taking a weekend city break with friends, fighting the study abroad ‘15’ and actually learning something you can tell grandma about when you get home.  Among the things that you’ll place on the top of your list, cultural immersion should be one of them. Not only will it enhance your overall study abroad experience, but it will give you a personal appreciation for your home country as well.  As an American in particular, this is often very hard – trust me, I’ve been there.  We yanks are…

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    What is Study Abroad?

    A 2020 Virtual Study Abroad Experience | Is it Worth it?

    Follow me on Pinterest In light of recent events, over the past two months, I’ve had many students reach out to me, asking for advice on what to do now that their study abroad plans have changed. There is no simple answer to this, so here’s the truth: The possibility that you will study abroad at any time for the remainder of 2020 is unlikely. In addition to mass cancellations of Maymester and Summer programs (seems reasonable), an increasing number of colleges and universities here in the United States and around the world are calling time early on all Fall/Autumn 2020 programs out of caution of a second wave of…

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    High School Study Abroad

    High School Travel Programs | Know Your Options

    Are you on the web searching for information on high school travel programs? Perfect! Keep reading. For decades, study abroad has been formally associated with college students who spend a semester away studying or interning overseas prior to graduation, high school travel programs have been emerging in popularity for several years and are anticipated to continue growing throughout the 2020s.

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    My 2007 AIFS Internship Experience Part II | London Study Abroad

    Follow me on Pinterest Welcome Back!   Thanks so much for all the emails, retweets, and shares for Part I of this review. I am excited to see that many of you had already heard of this fantastic internship program (and that a few of you even felt encouraged to apply for future intakes! – Good Luck!).  Also, an extra special thanks to AIFS for taking notice and featuring it on their blog last week. I am grateful and humbled.  Photo Credit: Kimber’s Collection.    As promised, this time, I’ll be completing my review by discussing my actual London internship program in more detail as well as offering feedback on certain elements which I believe could…

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    Internships Abroad

    My 2007 AIFS Internship Experience Part I | London Study Abroad

    This week’s post has been a long time coming and I am excited to FINALLY share this with you. Over the next two weeks, I am going to be giving my full review on my 2007 London Study Abroad experience interning with the American Institute For Foreign Study, known to most as AIFS. Although it’s been several years since then, it’s never too late to give some credit where credit is due. This program was the starting point for many key events in my life and I often wonder how the decade would have turned out if I had not spent Autumn 2007 in London and if I had not…


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